These Foods Help Make Your Mood Happier

These Foods Help Make Your Mood Happier

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These Foods Help Make Your Mood Happier – When you’re battling depression, sometimes you think so much about things that you forget to eat. It is better not to give up eating once in a while, especially the consumption of nutritious foods for depression.

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There are several foods that can provide benefits to improve your mood. The following foods will help you better manage your symptoms of depression and can have a positive effect on your daily life. One of the most overlooked aspects of mental health is nutrition. Food is not only very important for maintaining physical health, but also mental and emotional health.

1. Fish
These fish are rich sources of omega-3 fats which are good for the body. Omega-3 fats will play an important role in brain health which may be involved in the function of serotonin as a neurotransmitter that is important in mood regulation.

The study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, found that individuals who ate the most fish were less likely to experience symptoms of depression. However, more clinical trials are needed to explore the role of omega-3 fatty acids in depression and mental health.

2. Nuts
Nuts are also high in omega-3 fatty acids such as cashews, hazelnuts, and Brazil nuts. There is one other nut that has the highest plant-based source of omega-3s and a great source of protein: walnuts.

Walnuts will support overall brain health because of the nutrients they contain. In addition, it can also help keep blood sugar levels in a healthy balance.

Researchers conducted the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of more than 26,000 American adults, found that those who ate nuts, particularly walnuts, had higher levels of optimism, energy, hope, concentration and interest in activities.

3. Peas
Nuts are a good source of protein and fiber, both of which help to keep blood sugar levels stable and consistent. Besides helping to minimize spikes and drops in blood sugar that can affect our mood, nuts are also a great source of folate.

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Folate is a B vitamin that helps the body produce blood cells, DNA and RNA, and metabolize protein.

4. Grains
Whole grains like flaxseeds and chia seeds are great additions to your diet battling depression because of their excellent omega-3 fat content.

One tablespoon of chia seeds provides about 61% of the recommended daily amount of omega-3s, while flaxseeds are about 39%.

Pumpkin and pumpkin seeds can also increase tryptophan, which is an essential amino acid that helps create serotonin. The essential amino acids present in it provide about 58% of the recommended daily intake of tryptophan.

5. Poultry
Some poultry, such as chicken and turkey, are sources of lean protein, which can help stabilize blood sugar levels so that you can keep your mood balanced during the day. Not only that, chicken and turkey also contain high levels of tryptophan to create serotonin.

Eating just 3 ounces of roasted chicken breast offers 123% of the recommended daily intake of tryptophan. The hormone serotonin will also help you maintain healthy sleep, and a balanced mood.

6. Vegetables
Vegetables will always be a food intake that is beneficial for the health of the body. Eating vegetables will help you fight depression. One of the reasons people get depressed is because they have a lower intake of folate than usual.

Folate, fiber and other good nutrients stored in vegetables, especially dark leafy ones will be the right choice. When considering vegetables to help increase omega-3s, the vegetables that have the best content are Brussels sprouts, spinach, kale and watercress.

7. Probiotics
By helping to reduce this inflammation, it can produce a feel-good neurotransmitter and affect your stress response. Some foods that are high in probiotics include kimchi, kombucha, Japanese soybean soup, grated cabbage, tempeh, tofu and yogurt.

Basically, you’re giving your body enough to digest food that’s not much different from its natural state. Processes that are sold in canned form usually contain preservatives and provide few good nutrients.

This can prevent you from getting nutrients, especially omega-3 fatty acids that can increase serotonin to affect mood.