Easy Ways to Overcome Hospitals

Easy Ways to Overcome Hospitals

Easy Ways to Overcome Hospitals – Ulcer often occurs when we late eat or no food that comes in when we are hungry. Heartburn is a very reasonable pain in everyone. There are several drugs that can overcome heartburn. But there are some things that can be done to overcome when ulcer pain come

1. Ready for medicine for heartburn as first aid when it hurts recurrence

If you have a heartburn history, you have to be ready for heartburn whenever and anywhere. There are a variety of hurt drugs that can be an option, such as antacids, Acid Blockers and Proton Pump Inhibitors. Don’t just drink it. You need to check and ask for a doctor’s prescription to determine which heartburn drug is the best for you.

2. Make a meal schedule and just give it

One of the causes of heartburn is late eating. Sometimes it’s not easy to eat on time, especially for you who have a lot of busy life. For that, it doesn’t hurt for you to make a meal schedule. Not only made, but it’s aired too. Even if you are busy, you can prepare food ready to eat in your bag.

3. Eat with a little portion but often

It hurts to recur and pain because your stomach is empty. Instead of eating a lot at once but not eating again after, it’s better to eat a little but often. It is far more effective to prevent heartburn because gastric acid does not rise when the stomach is empty.

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4. Avoid spicy foods, high caffeine and acid

For those of you who have the potential to recur, it’s good to avoid eating spicy foods, high caffeine and sour. If you are tempted, remember how sick it is if you get sick. That way, you will be far from the food.

5. Avoid beating after eating

After eating sometimes it really makes sleepy. However, don’t let you just cook it. That’s because bayen can make stomach acid up to the throat. As a result, it hurts to recur. For that, try waiting 30 minutes after eating if you want to lie up!

6. Increase the rest, especially if it is sick

One way is to relieve heartburn with a lot of rest. Stop all activities, especially when it hurts to recur. It’s better to take a short break or if necessary until you recover. Fatigue and stress will only make heartburn get worse.

7. Fasting can also make heartburn so it’s better

Dr. Hk. Bhakru, the author of the Complete Handbook of Nature Cure, a traditional way to treat heartburn by fasting. Fasting makes your meal schedule more regularly. However, you also need a right diet to fulfill your nutris. To undergo fasting, consult a doctor first.…