5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Pademi

5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Pademi

5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Pademi –┬áThe Covid-19 pandemic has entered its second year since it first entered Indonesia in 2020. Several sectors were also affected by the virus that attacks the respiratory system. The economic sector is the most affected by the virus which is also endemic in Indonesia. With the still outbreak of Covid-19 in Indonesia, some economic and social activities in the community still have to be limited.

With social restrictions imposed by the government, some activities that can normally be carried out face-to-face must follow the adjustment by doing them virtually. Of course, all these repetitive activities will bring boredom. Then, how to deal with boredom and maintain mental health during a pandemic and in the midst of boredom, the same daily activities? Come on, see the following tips!

1. Make a list of entertainment that you want to do

The same activity every day certainly makes someone feel bored. Coupled with the workload for those who have new assignments and roles. To overcome the boredom of this routine, you can make a list of activities outside of your routine, such as doing entertainment that you want to do every day after work or doing activities at home.

These activities can be in the form of watching movies or series that you haven’t had the chance to enjoy, playing video games that you haven’t had the chance to play, or making a list of tourist destinations that you want to visit when this pandemic ends. By doing the entertainment that you have been wanting to do for a long time, your mood will go up and you will be more eager to go about your routine

2. Exercise

A lot of workloads and routines done at home or at work will certainly make you tired if it is not interspersed with other activities. Especially if you are an employee, of course, you need focus and excellent conditions to do your duties.

Therefore, you need to loosen up your schedule and make a special schedule to exercise regularly every week. In addition to refreshing the body, exercising can also refresh the mind.

3. Gardening

Gardening is one of the activities currently trending among the community. From celebrities to the middle to lower class people, they are also following this trend. Apart from being a fun activity, gardening can also lead to a person’s responsibility or the nature of mutual cooperation in the family.

Seeing the results of the plants that have been planted will certainly be able to help someone relax their mind from fatigue and boredom of the routines that have been carried out throughout the week.

4. Explore new things

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on most layers of society in Indonesia. The work system and learning system also follow the adjustments. The presence of the terms work from home (WFH) and school from home (SFH) is one of them.

With the presence of work from home and school from home, employees and students certainly have more time left than before. This opportunity can be used by exploring someone’s interest in increasing competence according to hobbies, especially students.

With a lot of time remaining, students can use the time to explore their interests and potential through self-taught learning or through experts. That way, the time they have can be used properly and useful for the future of these students

5. Maintain social interaction

For some people, being isolated at home all day long is boring and can be stressful. Moreover, a migrant who is far from his family and people who are accustomed to having activities outside the home.

These feelings can lead to potential negative thoughts that have an impact on a person’s mental health. Tips for maintaining mental health during the last pandemic is to think that this pandemic is an opportunity to strengthen relationships with family or someone special.

You can share your activities or plan fun activities to do together when you get back together. If you have a problem or anxieties that you can’t handle on your own, family is the best place to share any problems or worries you’ve been feeling and maybe have a solution you want to hear about.


Those are 5 tips you can do to maintain your mental health during this pandemic. Doing repetitive activities in the same place will cause stress and burnout, so the five steps above are very appropriate to do so that you stay mentally healthy.